The environment is impossible to control. However, in farming, it is crucial to employ controlled measures to make high-quality produce while minimizing environmental risks. Stringent food safety standards puts the natural process of growing produce under the microscope of constant scrutiny. The use of high technology and sound management practices are necessary to uphold these standards in a timely and safe manner.

At Rava Ranches Inc., we have always gone above and beyond to exceed industry standards in order to ensure food safety; however, we still follow the standards of the Leafy Green Marketing Agreement (LGMA). This voluntary program’s standards reflect our mission to produce food safely and helps us to constantly evolve our farming practices. To learn more about LGMA go to
Our innovative ideas and goals for our growing practices carry over into our emphasis on food safety. We take extra steps to ensure that we are producing the safest possible product. Comprehensive training and education for our employees are important parts of maintaining food safety. Rava Ranches Inc. provides seminars and training sessions every year to help
our employees learn about the latest advancements in agriculture and increase their knowledge of the changing landscape of food safety.
Adenoisine Triphosphate (ATP) is the universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacteria, yeast and mold cells. When it is left on any surface, it can compromise food quality and safety. Without proper sanitization, traces of this molecule can be left on harvest machinery.

At Rava Ranches Inc., our harvest machines are power-washed and sanitized thoroughly after each harvest to maintain product quality and on-site safety. Immediately after the intensive cleaning, we use ATP hygiene monitoring systems to ensure that no traces of ATP are left on the equipment. The harvest machinery must pass this test before it can be used again. These machines are like bringing the kitchen to the field.
-Double testing of organic fertilizer before it’s put on the field

-Pre-harvest “Food Safety Walks” of the spinach, spring mix, and organic fields

-Food safety fences in all areas where encroachment of pests may be a concern

-A buffer area of 800 feet from range land and one mile from feed lots

-Pre-harvest water and plant material sampling to confirm the absence of bacteria
High standards have been set for our industry but we set ourselves apart by going the extra mile. Here are a few examples of the extra steps we take to ensure food safety: